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Use this function to search tutors in your locality for your board, class and subject. View More

Current Tutor

Here you can see all the current tutors who are tutoring you. Click on individual tutors to see their profile.

Time Table

Check date-wise, day-wise tuition schedule here. It displays all the tuition scheduled in one table.

Study Material

Check and download subject-wise study material uploaded by your tutor from here.


Check and download subject-wise assignments uploaded by your tutor.

Make Payment

Make monthly fee payment to your tutors. You can make payment before or on the due date.

Past Tutor

View your past tutors and rebook them as per your requirement and their availability.

How It Works

Our Business Model

Book Tuition Classes

Search subject-wise Tutors in your locality. Book tutors as per your preference of gender, time slot, days in week, experience, rating and fee. View More

Other Courses

Search and book other courses like competitive exam preparations (JEE, NEET, CLAT), revision classes, test series, repeater batch, crash course etc in your locality. View More

Hobby Classes

Search for dance, music, painting, art, tailoring, cookery or any other hobby class in your locality. View More

Buy Books

You can buy all text books, reference books, guide, notes and sample question papers through eC App. View More

School Connect

When your school opts to use eC App for transparency, convenience and smooth communication between school and students/parents, you can use this feature of eC App. View More

College Connect

In today’s edutech era, your college can not lag behind. When your college opts to use eC App, you can use this feature. View More

Career Counselling

Research has proven that 80% of the students land-up in a wrong career due to improper selection of field for graduation and higher studies.
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Project Assist

Whether in school or college, projects are an important part of academic curriculum. View More

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